Santangelo Powder Room Window


I finished this piece over the weekend for a couple in Gates who wanted to add some additional privacy to their downstairs powder room.  Consisting of beveled rectangles, clear gluechip, light straw English muffle and light straw rough rolled glass, accented with 5 clear faceted jewels, and finished with a black patina giving it an oiled bronze appearance, this piece is to be installed in their existing window.  Below is the Installed window.

Santangelo Powder Room Window Installed
Santangelo Powder Room Window Installed

Dave has wanted to do cardinals on birch for the holidays for a couple months.  Two weeks ago, we got a load of birch from a friend.  We paid in beer and Jack Daniels, and the promise of the finished product.  Dave did up some cardinals and nuthatches, I cut and split the birch, and this is the result.

Cardinals on Birch
Cardinals on Birch
Nuthatches on Birch
Nuthatches on Birch

Another Commission – Sunflowers

Well we are done with the Irondequoit Art Trail for this year.  We had a good turnout of around 100 people.  Granted about 30 of them were our personal friends, but they went to check out some of the other stuff too.    A couple of them also ordered things!  Always a good thing.

With the show out of the way, I can get back to some commission work.  Back in May, I had a couple contact me about designing a window for their downstairs bathroom, to provide some more privacy.  After looking at the space and measuring things, these are two designs I came up with.

I sent these out to the couple this morning, and now I can get to work on four dragonflies.

a sunflower window  for a powder room
a sunflower window for a powder room
Abstract Sunflower Window
an abstract sunflower window for a powder room

Birds on Wood

Gratzer_RedHeadedWoodpeckers_StainedGlass_lowresforFBDave’s latest piece; Woodpeckers on Driftwood.  Dave is going to be making a series of these, some mounted on wood, some on wire to be hung in the corners of your windows, and others with a simple ring on the back to be hung on a wall, tree, or wherever.  He is currently working on a pair of nuthatches, and plans to do chickadees, cardinals and a few more.  Watch this space for more of his work!

Another Commission

My Second Mother called and wanted another piece of stained glass.  I had given her a round piece with holly leaves and berries several years ago, which she had kept in her front window year round.  She wanted something a bit more seasonal for the warmer weather.  This is what she will be getting.

12" Hummingbird Panel
12″ Hummingbird Panel

Building Stock

So, some people know that we are participating in the Irondequoit Art Trail this year.  As such, we’re busy making lots and lots of stained glass items.  For those who came to see us at the Rochester Public Market in December, we will have some Holiday Ornaments for sale, along with wine bottle luminaries, garden stakes, Dave’s angels, birds and lots more.  Dates and times for the Trail are:

July 22, 5:30 – 8:30pm

July 23, 11:00 am – 4:00pm

You can get more information at the Art Trail webpage,, or our public Facebook group at

We are planning on having hors d’oeuvres and wine on Friday night, and will be working on glass outside on our new deck on Saturday.

Some photos of some items which we will have on hand.

MacIntosh Rose
MacIntosh Rose
Garden Spiral – this will be attached to a copper stake to be used as a garden decoration
Motherhood – I’ve done these with 1-3 children and 1-2 parents.

Art for Arts’ Sake


A year ago, a friend gave me some old glass negatives of mushrooms.  I thought it would be a neat idea to incorporate them into stained glass.  This is the first one, which I started last March or so.  Due to schedules and such, it got shelved so we could produce things for the shows we did last year.  I decided that before I tackled any commissions or started working on building up our stock, I would finish it.  Well, here it is, entitled Coprinus, after the name of the mushroom in the negative in the center.

Today, I started my first commission of 2016; three cabinet doors.  I got a call yesterday from someone who received ornaments for a gift who wants a set, and we have a verbal warning that we will be getting a call from someone in buffalo for a commission.  I also have to design some sidelights for my friend, who asked for them years ago…  When it rains!

Post-Holiday Breather

Iron Man Candle Holder???
Iron Man Candle Holder???


Well the holiday rush is over.  The art shows are done and the holidays are through.  The decorations are getting packed up for another year and there are some non-glass projects on the workbench.

First off, we’d like to thank all of you who came out to the Holidays at the Public Market.  Your interest in our glassware was awesome and we thank you for your business.  We learned a lot and we thank you for your feedback.  We are so much better prepared for next year.

YES!  We will be back next year.  With only three months to prepare, our stock was not what we’d liked it to be.  We’ll be starting this month on making stuff for the holidays.  We’re going to be taking some of your thoughts as well as our own and seeing what we can do.

In the meantime, we have a couple late gifts we have to make, as well as several commissions.  We’ll be taking a trip to the glass store this weekend to stock up.  And then I have to finish up my non-glass projects to clear off my work space.

Again, thank you very much for all your interest.  Watch this space for more information.  We’ve got lots of interesting things planned.

More Holiday Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Lights
Holiday Ornaments in Blue
Holiday Ornaments in Blue

Finally got pictures of the blue ornaments taken.   Also got the purple mirror done for the Vintage Christmas Light set.  50,000 more sets to go…



Latest Holiday Ornaments

2015 Christmas Ornament - Green Gift Set
2015 Christmas Ornament – Green Gift Set

For the Holidays this year, Green Man Creations presents out Holiday ornaments.  Six designs (and more to come) for you to choose from; Tree, Bell, Spindle, Ball, Bird and Star, in four different glass choices; pink, blue, green and white.  Check out the Holiday Ornaments gallery for some more photos.

soulful expressions in wood and glass